Regulations & Guidelines

The mission house of Temple Baptist Church was given for the specific use as missionary housing for overseas missionaries on stateside assignment.  The purpose for which this house was given cannot be changed except by Temple Baptist Church.

  1. The mission house is to be used by overseas missionaries, active or retired, as they have need while they are on stateside assignment. Exceptions can be made by the Missionary House Committee and the church.

  2. The missionary should contact the Missionary House Committee through the church’s website ( to request use of the house and indicate the dates that the house will be needed.

  3. The use of the house is normally for one year or less with the Missionary House Committee working with the missionary to determine the exact time that the house will be used.

  4. Utility bills (gas, lights and water) are paid by the church office when they are received. Copies of the bills are then sent to the missionary occupant who is expected to reimburse the church for the full amount upon receipt of the bills.

  5. Cable nor Internet service is provided at the mission house and will need to be set up by the missionary occupant and paid by the missionary occupant if desired.

  6. The mission house should be kept clean and in good repair by the missionary who occupies the house so others can use it when they leave.

  7. The missionary occupant should contact the church office (919-834-5584) if there are any problems related to the house.

  8. We encourage the missionary who uses the mission house to attend and be a part of Temple Baptist Church while they reside in the mission house.

  9. All matters concerning the mission house should be referred to the Missionary House Committee of Temple Baptist Church for review and approval.