COVID-19 Update from Dr. Mike

There is a light at the end of the tunnel. I am sure it is not a train.

Temple is emerging from the time of separation caused by COVID. We are opening back up to the public. We will allow anyone who wishes to attend service to come and be with us.

There are some things we will want you to do in order to attend. One is enter and exit through the front door of the sanctuary. When you enter, please wear a mask while inside. Also, we will ask that you seat socially distant from each other. The pews will be marked for seating with every other pew open for you. The pews will have areas designated six feet from each other. You may sit with your family, but otherwise, please sit apart.

If you do not have a mask, there will be masks at the door. Also there will be hand sanitizer there for your use.

I am thankful for the participation through our Facebook livestreams. That will continue. Recordings will also be posted to YouTube. But we felt the time was right to invite you back to the building. So, come. You will be welcomed by myself and all of us that make up Temple Baptist Church. 

COVID is moving into the past. Now is the time to embrace the future the Lord provides for us. Let’s do that as we come together physically again into this space and find the loving presence of Christ in our midst.